Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I bit the bullet and posted my first blog.

It’s definitely time for a progress report on how things are going.

Firstly, study has been on point over the last few weeks. As quickly as I send assessments in, they’e coming back graded. This is exciting as it means I’m only 4 modules away from my finale big assessment, plus a few practices to tidy up along with work experince.

Speaking of which, I’ve managed to secure an interview for work experience at what will be a local gym come mid-may. I’m certainly nervous about it bit I’m determined to get this done.

My other goals are a little slower in progress. I have managed to lose 9 inches total from measurements taken 2 weeks apart. This is great progress and shows that ibe been on the right track with my training.

Running has been improving so much as well lately. Times have improved and this weekend I’m running a half marathon as part of The Greatest Virtual Run. It is a fundraiser for Running On The Spectrum, which helps provide kids on the spectrum with new running shoes every year among many other amazing things they do for them. I’m still deciding exactly where to do this run, but I’m seriously considering taking the rail trail from Paeroa to Waihi. It’s a amazing scenic run and has some good hills to help prep me for Rotorua Marathon.

In general everything is slowly progressing and I’ve even managed to find someone to be a client for 4 weeks! She gwts free PT sessions and I get to finish another assessment.

I’ll smash out another blog next week with hopefully some actually exciting and interesting news.

2018 Goals!!


Right, I promised a blog to further explain my goals for the rest of this year and to monitor them for you every week.

First off, I need to explain that these are all personal goals that I want to achieve. They take into account everything from my career to my fitness. I’m going to be 100% open and honest about these goals and what I do to achieve them. I’ll also be honest when I screw up and get off track with them. One thing I won’t include in my goals I share with you guys is my personal financial goals. Those are something that need to stay private.  There has to be a certain point were I have to decide what is and isn’t too much information to share with you all!

Every goal I’ve set has had the SMART rule applied to it. S=Specific, M=Measurable, A=Achievable/Attainable, R=Relevent, and T=Time. These are the same rules I use to help plan other peoples fitness programmes to acvieve their goals.

So, into the goals….

  1. Complete my PT course work by the 31st May ready for graduation. I need to have all my assignments and practicals, including work expericence submitted so it can be marked by the end of May. If it is all handed in, then as so as it’s signed off I become a qualified Personal Trainer.
  2. Obtain a job as a Personal Trainer at a local gym by the end of June. Submit CV and cover letters to all local gyms. Visit and talk to other PTs to seek information on available positions. Find the position that is best suited to my goals as a PT.
  3. Complete a Marathon personal best. Current is 4hrs 55mins and 52 secs. I want to drop this down by  minimum of 5 mins at Rotorua on 5th May. My ideal run would be 4hr 30mins, but thats a long way off yet!
  4. Complete a half marathon in under 2hrs. Hit the sub 2hrs by the end of December 2018. I currently only have one half marathon I’ve signed up for on the 26th of May. Look at other events to enter to achieve this.
  5. Lose 10kgs! I want to lose this weight by 14th November 2018. I am currently using MyFitnessPal to monitor calories eaten each day. My daily calorie intake is currently set to allow me to lose 0.5kg/week. Focus on clean eating and reducing sugar intake, alcohol, increase in weight training (more muscle=more calories burned). Continue with running for cardio
  6. Improve my overall Cardiovascular fitness and endurance so I can run 21kms no stop. This also works with achieving the sub 2 half marathon. Focus on building cardio endurance. To achieve this goal by the end of June 2018.
  7. Look into Nutrition courses and study options. I want to expand my knowledge and get training as a nutritionist as this allows me to help develop meal plans for clients as well as their exercise programmes. This is to be started on the 1st November and finish on 31st December. resulting in me having applied to be enrolled in a nutrition course.
  8. Run budgets for setting up a gym from home to train clients from. Start on 1st November and will run into early 2019. Talk to local companies that supply gym equipment, price up fitting out the available room. Budget for ongoing cost, insurances, REPs, first aid certs etc. Structure a business plan to achieve this goal. This is a longer term goal that will take a lot of time and focus to get right in order to make it successful.
  9. Visit a new place in New Zealand!!  End of December 2018. We don’t go away often so I plan to take sometime to go and explore an area of NZ that we’ve never been to before. Requires planning time off work, house sitter, pet sitter etc. Plan and book by 1st Decmeber at the latest so we can get there before December 31st. Location TBC.

Phew.. So those are my goals in a nut shell. There will no doubt be more hat I’ll add as time goes on and others that will be readjusted as needed. The key is to always look at them and monitor how you’re tracking with them.  Have someone to hold you accountable or these goals! It can be yourself, your family, partner, friends or even just all you lovely random people on the internet! The way to achieve is to know what you need to do to reach them, to do those things, to be flexable if you need to change things, and to admit when you stuff up!!

Go out and set yourself some goals. Share them with someone, stick them up on the fridge or wall where you can see them every day. Make sure you know the steps you need to take to get there and go smash them.

I know I’ve rambled on, but hopefully this helps someone that needs a bit of motivation to go after what it is they want.

Be postive, aim high and go for gold. We can all reach our dreams if we focus and have a positive attitude.

Kat xx